_ Airfreight, Master Consolidator, D.G Goods handling, Perishable & Cold storage

Vietnam has become a leading manufacturing export country within the APAC region during the past 10 years. Not only from known brand shoes & clothing like Nike, Adidas, H&M, Tommy, Inditex, Benetton, but the demand by Air has grown rapidly to cope with Samsung, Cannon stable production plan. Middle East carrier flags appear more frequently entering the market which has been deployed by Asian, European and American airlines. Weekly capacity at both Hochiminh and Hanoi airport has reached 3,000 tons per origin, freighters and combined aircrafts.

Having been an IATA Accredited Agent and Airfreight expert on particular trade lanes, Mekong has worked out closely with shippers to adapt a complexity demand of cargoes handling, bar code scanning, ULD multiple choices until final destinations.

Regardless of nature of goods transported, Mekong has provided back-to-back, direct Master airway Bill or Master consolidation with the same custom and delivery date.

Our certified, dedicated and well trained team is able to take care of Dangerous goods, lithium batteries, diesel machinery, industrial & non-flammable gas storage.

Besides manufacturing, export of Perishable products, seafood, fruits & vegetables, fresh tuna fishes likewise is part of our expertise within this airfreight industry. Your shipments are kept either fresh, chilled or at controlled temperature until final destination. Any time sensitive shipment is recorded timely including schedule, transit time, proof of delivery using either airlines or our track and trace tool.

Vietnam is also an import destination of healthcare products, vaccination … requiring a temporary Cold Storage Device or warehouse. This is critical and vital for specialized Institute or R&D Laboratory to implement on time test and experiment within an exact timeframe.

Our trophies awarded by major airlines have proved our strength & commitment with this particular sector in the past 20 years. Together with the E-Freight implementation, we aim to a steady volume growth moving forward until when the new airport of Long Thanh – a province 60 km East of Hochiminh, is in place in a few years.

 Multi modal transport Air-Air, Sea-air, Land-air, Sea-land

Sea-air: Late production ocean containers are sometimes converted on Airfreight shipments which find in turn hard to move directly from origin due to shortage of capacity or long transit time. Being a quality service minded Air forwarder, we offer alternative solutions to our customers using gateways with more capacity. Your cargoes are moved by ocean containers for first leg then by Air for the latter. This mode save a fortune for the customers whiles the service and express delivery is honored.

The same concept happens for Air-air, even though we implement hard or soft block space agreement to make sure your cartons are in ULD, not on top of other bulky cargoes. This mode has been using gateways such as Singapore, Bangkok or Dubai to manage any surge of airfreight demand from origin to meet the on time delivery to shops or retailors at destination with a more appropriate transport cost.

Other Vietnam neighboring countries from which the manufacturing export has grown in the recent years have also experienced air capacity shortage and airport infrastructure, Cambodia for instance, and need to use alternative gateway of Hochiminh to move ocean containers by land from Cambodia border up to Hochiminh airport. The land-air concept product has been born to serve the need and in some way, help facilitate trade between 2 countries besides current waterways mode in practice.

Whenever the peak season come and late production is inevitable in those countries, raw materials for producing finish goods have been imported using Sea-land mode. Originated containers from Shanghai, Hongkong and other China mainland, instead of moving by traditional sea mode which has a long transit time to Sihanoukville, go by sea up to Hochiminh ports, then truck to Cambodia border. This way help provider faster transit time with a more reasonable cost.

_  CFS warehouse, GOH specialist, Vendor PO management

Our vendors and suppliers have another choice to store their cargoes at Mekong CFS warehouse which are strategically located nearby seaport of Hochiminh and Haiphong. From there, cargoes are either dispatched weekly under a Consol Box or sorted, classified by categories/items then combine for export as per specific demand of customers. The concept of PO management help our customers save break-bulk time when cargoes arrive at destination. As cartons are clearly marked, loaded for any particular retailor or shop, or at specific zip code areas, they can be picked up right away arranged by LTL or FLT upon their arrival for a scheduled show or display at super market place.

Our team has installed bars, strings and knots for Garments on Hanger Air ULD and Ocean containers at our CFS warehouse. Such demanding transportation mode require special technic to maximize payload while it keeps the goods intact and will not be affected by moisture or humidity at normal transport conditions.

Both Mekong Hochiminh and Haiphong warehouses have imposed strict access control with 24/7 security, CCTV, badges for visitors, warehouse labor history checking, vehicle screening equipment, container inspection process, fire prevention and protection alarm, smoke censor & detectors, etc.. Which can be able to accommodate C-TPAT inspection at anytime.

_ Forwarding & Delivery Import Export; custom clearance, EOR & IOR services

Being as a traditional freight forwarding company, Mekong has been licensed custom brokerage to perform the job for customers regardless of their nature of business, local SME, trading partners, Foreign Direct Investment Companies, Exhibitors, multinational companies etc..

Before any custom entry, our customers are given good and prompt consultancy regarding local Government rules and regulation. In order to enjoy the benefits on taxes and duties from bilateral or multilateral agreements with Vietnam, customers are encouraged to either communicate exactly origin of goods import and export to our Brokerage team or refer to preferential tariff prior to shipping to avoid any delay or dispute that may arise during the clearance.

Goods, after cleared, will be in our bonded warehouse or delivered to final consignees using our GPS equipped trucking fleet. Our licensed drivers, through periodic training, can speak English and understand the related security requirements at Seaport and Airport gateways.

High tech Customers who have not been licensed to trade or perform after sale services in Vietnam can nominate Mekong to be their service agent of EOR/ IOR (exporter and importer of record) on their behalf. The products are imported or exported through a normal custom process for swap, exchange or replacement. To do that, Mekong has brought additional value added services to multinational companies in Vietnam despite of the country where they place their production or assembly plan.